A new London ball pit is opening that’s bigger than Ballie Ballerson

Forget Ballie Ballerson: a massive new ball pit with thousands of balls is about to hit the capital.

Bubble Planet will be London’s largest ever ball pit, and features dozens of sensory experiences, including with balloons and balls, across a lot of high-concept rooms designed to help us connect with ourselves and each other in new ways.

In one room guests can walk inside a giant bubble and in another room, Bubble Planet will put other ball pits to shame, offering guests a larger-than-ever room to wade through – and yes you’ll be able to throw the balls around.

Press material says: “The combination of colours, lasers, lights and bubbles, together with 360-degree projection technology and a unique virtual reality experience invites guests of all ages into a dream-like, escapist experience in the midst of the busy city. “

Bubble Planet is the latest project by Exhibition Hub, curators, producers and distributors of multi sensory exhibitions. The project is in collaboration with Fever, a live entertainment company.

There will be eleven themed rooms, some with optical illusions and multi sensory displays, and plenty of opportunities for photos.

If you’re after cocktails while you jump, Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch kickstarted the ball pit trend and you can book for groups online.

Find out more and book tickets at bubble-planet.com/london